Frequently Asked Questions

We have a one tier membership at £67 per month for 12 months.

This membership covers all group classes including obedience training class, scent work classes, dog socialisation classes, dog group social walks, socialisation training as well as puppy play sessions.

Children are allowed at some sessions under very strict guidance and all liability will be taken responsible by the parents only.

Socialisation is just that, we focus on how your pup interacts with others, how to adapt to each breed of dog and their different play styles, but most importantly how to read the other dog’s body language and what they’re communicating through either sound or smell.

Although socialisation is a skill which can always be worked on, we will have your pup socialising suitably and confidently within 3 months to a year – depending on the dog of course!

Here at PupClub we understand our pups need the activity and stimulation regardless of the weather which is why we hand pick each location for our social walks to ensure the safest and most fun environments for our members and their pups!


We also understand that it’s one thing to get our pups socialised but then it’s also about keeping them socialised too.

Everyone can take their dog to the local park but can you ensure it’s the safest environment for them and are you sure that learning is taking place?

At PupClub, all staff are trained in both pet first aid and dog body language so we can read if a situation needs addressing before anything severe happens.

And just in case your pup decide to fall down a ditch we’ll have a first aider on hand to address the accident.

Our social classes are limited to 15 pups per pet first aider whilst training classes are limited to 8 dogs per trainer – this is to ensure as much learning is taken place as possible whilst giving each pup the attention they require to level up quickly.

We love providing our pups with as much stimulation as possible which is why we use different locations around Milton Keynes different days of the week. There are no two weeks that are the same here at PupClub and with the ever growing membership club we run, no two sessions are ever the same either!